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Good locks are necessary to protect your possessions. We spend so much time and money on making our homes ideal, we should spend some time to protect them. Each person has different needs which is why we offer so many options of locks to choose from. Residential Locksmith Biltmore provides all types of residential locksmith solutions.



We want to be sure you understand how important it is to know the technicians who are working on your security and lock needs. You should only have the best professionals who are well trained and experienced in the industry working with you, your family and possessions. When we work with you, you are guaranteed to be in the safest hands. We work with discretion and respect to make sure you are fully understand every aspect of the process. Residential Locksmith Biltmore is your first stop shop for all of your security needs. Our customer service rates us the best.
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It doesn’t matter the circumstances, Residential Locksmith Biltmore can help. If you just moved or are upgrading an vintage home, we provide all the re-keying services you find necessary. If the locks are still working, Residential Locksmith Biltmore can cut all of your new keys. The service techs at Residential Locksmith Biltmore are highly skilled and well educated in a host of methods and modern technologies that will allow them to complete any tasks that is necessary. Do you have lost or stolen keys? We can re-key the lock for you at your convenience and restore that peace of mind back into your home. Residential Locksmith Biltmore professionals are well-trained in the latest technology and are happy to assist you with it.


Locks must be strong and can last decades when maintained properly. If the tumbler parts of the lock are working, the lock is fine. There are many customers who toss out good locks because they think the lock is no longer of use. All too often, the lock only needed to be repaired and not replaced. Residential Biltmore technicians can determine this for you and find the best solution for your specific needs. Upgrades and remodels of your home will most definitely need new locks. The Biltmore Locksmith 24 Hour service is here to assist you in correctly finding the best lock and security solutions for your home. We guarantee you complete customer satisfaction. Our locksmiths are qualified in all aspects of lock needs. Residential Locksmith Biltmore locksmiths have training in the latest standards and practices.


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Safety is being aware of possible dangers and the crimes people who prey on others. Here at residential locksmiths Biltmore, we will meet all of your safety worries and needs. Our experts will remain by your side ready to advise you and install the desired lock in the right way, and making sure it works as it should. Take full advantage of peace of mind for you and your family. Be sure to call us our friendly team now.


Basements, fences, storage units, and more require certain locking systems and each one different depending on the security need. The Residential Locksmith Biltmore technicians will help you select the best and most functional lock system for you. We all like to have custom things. We love the small details make them our own, and even more so if it can fits a collection or our décor. However, just because a lock looks great on the outside, does not mean it is functioning properly on the inside. These custom design locks do not always have function incorporated into the design. You must keep this in mind when considering custom locks. After helping you select the proper lock, we will test to make sure the lock is as secure as you require. Feel free to find out about us yourself. We guarantee delivery of what we promise. For more information about us, look for us at Find A Locksmith under Residential Locksmith Biltmore.
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