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Starting locksmith Biltmore was not initially in our minds. We thought we would become white collar professionals just like our families had long expected us to. But one day we realized we could actually have a positive impact in our community by finding out more about their needs instead of looking for a salary.We didn’t follow our passion at first. We just opened our eyes and saw that people was not feeling safe and we knew we could change that situation. So we started reading more about security solutions and wanted to advice people on what products to buy. But there was a problem: They could buy locks, doors, padlocks, and safes, but they didn’t know how to install them.We decided to learn everything about security solutions installation, prevention, design and maintenance. At first it was all self-taught, but we later met wonderful people willing to give us proper training.In 1998 we had our first formal contract at a factory nearby. They wanted to install new doors and sought to give all their employees a key for each. We advised against it, and proposed an access control system that would eliminate the need of hundreds of keys that would get lost or might easily have turned into a security breach event sooner or later. As it turns out, it worked and the factory owners were extremely happy as we helped them save a lot of money and made them feel safer.That was the beginning of locksmith Biltmore. As we said before, we didn´t follow our passion at first, but made sure we brought it with us!
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